About Us

Frustrated as a ballet mother, I started Monty&Boo as a way of keeping my daughter's tutus organised, clean and easily transportable. I sourced the RG Pearl Tutu & Costume Care hanger which I have been distributing for nearly a decade. It was a welcome change not to have to put her tutus on the floor with the usual clutter at every event.

Since it’s fruition, the range has been extended to include the Monty&Boo lightweight, breathable, water-resistant and durable tutu bag as I found that what was available just didn’t do the job properly. Most of the tutu bags on the market are made of plastic which encourage mould or bacteria - especially after a tutu is placed in a tutu bag straight after a performance without being thoroughly dry. The increased humidity in plastic tutu bags also affects the stiffness of the tutu. I started investigating sports bags and the materials used in their manufacture as a logical choice to counteract moisture and its effects. Including a meshing design in the zip panel also allows the tutu to breathe inside the bag.

The tutu bag can be used as a separate storage or transportation option. Additionally, the bag can be used with the tutu hanger. It's large size can also accommodate multiple tutus.Tutus are an expensive investment and it is difficult to store and transport them. Investing in a tutu bag is a logical and wise purchase considering the cost of a tutu. The tutu bag can preserve, protect and extend a tutu's life.