Tutu Hanger

  • Product Description

      The tutu hanger is the perfect way to hang your tutu. Lightweight and designed to fit all tutu sizes, it is an innovative and essential hanger for preserving the life of your tutu.

      The tutu can be hung with the bodice open (ideal for smaller tutus) or on the hanger handles.

      The Tutu Hanger can be used with our Tutu Bag when storing or transporting your tutu.

      Specifications: Polypropylene hanger measuring 42cm wide by 52cm deep.


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  • How to use

      • Insert the loop of the hanger through the panty leg opening, toward the underside of the tutu.

      • Position the tutu with the bodice open, hanging downward (preferable for smaller bodices).

      • Position the tutu with the straps on the hanger handles.